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What is Buzzing?

Buzzing is sharing links to books online to help authors get discovered. On every book page on Libboo, buzzers can click the big, orange "Buzz" button. They are given a personal link, called a "buzzing link", and the ability to easily share that link on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest. They can also copy and paste that link anywhere else they share online, such as their blog, in emails, on Goodreads, etc. We then track that link to see how many people click on it and discover the book.

What are Buzz Hits?

You get a buzz hit every time a new person clicks on one of your buzzing links. Buzz hits represent the number of people you have led to discover a book!

How do weekly rewards and thresholds work?

Every week, Libboo authors set a reward for the most effective buzzers. This can be a free book or recognition. In order to qualify for a reward, a buzzer must pass the buzz hit threshold set by the author for that week. For instance, if the threshold is 50 buzz hits, the buzzer will have to get at least 50 buzz hits during the week in order to qualify for a reward. Authors also have the ability to limit the number of awards that can be given out each week. For example, an author may set a threshold of 50 buzz hits but also set a reward limit to the top 3 buzzers. In order to receive the reward, the buzzer must be in the top three on that book for the week with at least 50 buzz hits.

How do weekly rewards and thresholds work?

Freebies, the most common reward type on Libboo, are links to download free digital copies of books (ebooks). Freebies are available for download as Mobi, ePub, and PDF files, and are compatible with any computer or ereader. You can easily redownload a freebie you have already claimed at any time by clicking on "My Claimed Freebies" in the drop down menu in the top right corner of any Libboo page.

How do I know if I've earned a reward?

If you have earned a reward, you will receive an email on Mondays telling you the reward(s) you have won. If the reward you have earned is a freebie (free ebook), you will be able to claim or share it right from the email.

What is influence and how do I improve my influence score?

Your influence on Libboo is a score from 0-100 that shows you how influential you are as a buzzer. Many things go into your influence score, including the number of buzz hits you've earned, followers you have, number of people you have signed up to Libboo through buzzing and freebies, how many people have clicked to storefronts like Amazon and Barnes & Noble from your links, and much more. The two easiest ways to improve your influence score are buzzing and inviting friends to join Libboo.

How do I invite people to join Libboo?

Anyone who signs up from any of your buzzing links, freebie links, or the link to your profile page will count as a referral for you, so you can use any of those to invite friends and followers to join Libboo. On your Buzzboard you will find an "Invite Friends" button. You can use that to share your profile page and invite others to Libboo.

How do I invite people to join Libboo?

If you have a nook or Kobo, download the ePub version of the book, and connect your ereader to your computer using a micro USB cable (you should have one to charge the device). The ereader will appear as a removable drive, and you will be able to drag-and-drop the desired book into one of its folders.

If you have a Kindle, download the Mobi version of the book.or the nook and Kobo. When you click to open the downloaded file, it should automatically open your Send to Kindle app on your computer. If you do not have the Send to Kindle software from Amazon, you can download it here.

If you have an iPad, the simplest way to load a freebie is to email either the PDF or the Epub to yourself from your computer and then open that email on your iPad. You can then tap and hold the attachment until "Open in iBooks" pops up. Once you open it, it will be saved to your iBooks library.


What is Libboo's Privacy Policy?

What are Libboo's Terms & Conditions?

What are Libboo's Author Terms of Use?

Author Terms

Libboo's terms of use (which you can review here) apply to all of the users of our website and our services. In addition, if you supply your content to Libboo for promotion by our users, then you and your content are also subject to the following terms.

License to Libboo

By submitting a book to Libboo ("Content"), you give Libboo a non-exclusive, sublicensable license until terminated to copy and distribute copies of the Content to third parties, and to publicly perform and display the Content, in part or in whole, through Libboo's products and services as they exist now and in the future. You also grant Libboo a non-exclusive sublicensable license to use your name and image for marketing the Content, increasing the discoverability of the Content, and increasing point-of-sale placement of the Content ("Purposes"), and the exercise of the license in the immediately preceding sentence. You also represent to us that you either own the copyright to the Content you are submitting or are legally authorized by the copyright owner of the Content to grant these licenses to us.

Changes to Content

Libboo may make minor changes to the Content for these Purposes. These changes will not meaningfully alter the meaning, context, narrative, or representation of the Content. For example, we may modify copies of your Content to indicate that you gave that copy to a particular Libboo member, who in turn gave it to a particular recipient.

Affiliate Programs

Any monies Libboo receives through Libboo's participation in affiliate programs shall be retained in their entirety by Libboo.

Rewards and Giveaways

You are solely responsible for the legality of any giveaway or reward, whether it's a part of a campaign on Libboo or otherwise.


How can I get my book on Libboo?

Libboo is not currently accepting new submissions. We are currently working on launching into our next chapter (book pun intended), so we are not taking new book submissions at the moment. If you are interested in joining us on our journey to helping talented authors be successful, shoot us an email to and we'll keep in touch! In the meantime, check out our current selection of books on the Discover page.

If you are a current Libboo author looking to add a new book, please email Lisa at for more information.

What are the benefits of being on Libboo?

With Libboo, you get to not only connect with your biggest advocates, but also learn about how, where, and why they share your books. We give you all of the data you could ever want about your buzzers, discovery of your books, and what is motivating people to share them. You can then use this information to tailor effective campaigns and online strategies around your books. Libboo's freebie mechanism gives you the option to reward your buzzers with free digital copies of your book and see a substantial growth in your community. Plus, you get Team Libboo, who will always be there to help you and support you in any way we can!

What are campaigns?

Campaigns are weekly experiments that help authors determine where and why buzzers are sharing their books online. Authors have the ability to choose a free digital copy or recognition to reward their top buzzers each week, as well as different thresholds for how many buzz hits those buzzers need to get to earn the reward.

If I am not the copyright holder for my book, can I use Libboo?

How do I edit my book details (cover, description, tagline, etc.)?

You may make these changes on your Bookboard, under Author Settings.

How do I take my book off of Libboo?

If you'd like to remove your book from Libboo, please email We will take it down as soon as the current campaign has concluded and any winners you have from that week are rewarded. If your reward that week is an electronic copy, your book will need to remain on the site for 1 additional week after its final campaign, so that your winners can claim and download their freebies.


How do I report inappropriate content or behavior?

If you spot any inappropriate behavior or content, or believe that someone is not abiding by our Terms and Conditions, send us an email at We will review each case and take appropriate action.

Facebook Login

Why is there a Facebook login option and how does it work?

We use Facebook authentication for your convenience, but for your security too. We capture only a few pieces of publicly available information (from your Facebook profile) to create your Libboo account-your name, location, profile image, and e-mail address. No private data, and you can opt out anytime-or simply change your Facebook settings. We take your security very seriously. Only information from your public Facebook profile-specifically, your name, location, profile image, and e-mail address. Getting your name, location, and profile image allows us to quickly set up a Libboo profile for you, without you have to key it in. Grabbing your e-mail address allows you to get notifications, which you control. If you don't want to hear from us, you won't.

Why Facebook?

1. Convenience. Easy to log-in, no separate password needed.
2. Security. We're using Facebook's authentication rather than storing it on our own servers.