About Libboo

Our Mission

Libboo's mission is to solve the timeless problem of talent getting lost in crowded spaces and aims to help all talented authors - published traditionally or independently - be discovered by the audiences they deserve.

We exist to help authors who feel underserved by the current system. We believe that if you have produced a good book, it should get a fair shot in the market.

We look at our authors as partners more than customers. It's an important distinction.

  • Customers pay for a product.
  • Partners work together to support a mission and solve an issue. We have many partners already, which is gratifying.

We believe that by empowering our author partners with knowledge about their most engaged fans and readers, they can motivate and leverage those readers to be their greatest marketers.

This is called "Advocacy Marketing," and it seeks to re-imagine the way books are marketed. It seeks to grant more power to readers as the true tastemakers, and replace the top-down model that only works for a small percentage of authors.

Libboo is for anyone who has produced a good book, but feels limited by their ability to demonstrate their talent to the market.

How It Works

While publishers and publicists alike struggle to shout above the noise, the best marketers are and always have been active advocates. Most advocacy platforms mimic the shouting model. They employ broadcast techniques, with little feedback on the efficacy of their efforts.

What's new about Libboo is that advocates now have a true platform to build credible social capital as an influencer, with objective measurements in comparison to their peers. The best influencers get publicly recognized by not only the author, but by the community too. We are, in effect, curating a community of tastemakers.

Libboo not only identifies tastemakers, but seeks to understand why they are tastemakers, too. The Libboo platform uses social psychology algorithms to monitor behavior on the Libboo site. Patterns emerge, which offers insight into the "why" behind user behavior. Over millions of calculations per hour, this data gets better and more precise. About 8-9 specific motivations have crystallized, and we think that there may be as many as 30 motivations that we can track with assurance.

What does this mean to our author partners? For the first time, authors have useable insight into their audience, and can "tune" their campaigns accordingly. This is based on actual behavioral data, not the faulty hunches and educated guesses offered by industry "experts."

Team Libboo

Interested in joining Team Libboo? Send us an email and tell us what you're passionate about.

Jason Freeman
Jason Freeman brings years of experience in both the startup and traditional business world along with an MBA to the Libboo team. Jason also enjoys creating art and writing about innovation. Libboo is the perfect place to merge Jason's passions for developing and growing a business with his love of writing, artwork and innovation. Having recently moved from California to the Boston area, Jason also enjoys exploring the east coast with his amazing wife.
Richard Hawthorn
Minister of Technology
Richard "Beard" Hawthorn is a full-time online nerd who knows more about the ins-and-outs of social networking than most bearded men. Richard has spent over 10 years perfecting the art of information-simplification and aims to bring this simplification to the publishing industry (we all know it needs it!). If he's not away in his VW campervan, or taking photos on actual film, he spends most of his (limited) free time hacking hardware and writing software to create implausibly impractical, but beautifully connected physical representations of the online world.
Fernando Albertorio
Minister of Research
Fernando Albertorio - probably the most likeable man in the world - is a world leader on offline-community strategy and now intends to bring that expertise into the real (online) world to help people come together to create better written content. Fernando has spent the last 8 years working at universities alongside his Ph.D in chemistry including Harvard and Texas A&M. Now however he likes to strut across the offices of Libboo HQ waving his hair in full view of Team Libboo in an attempt to make them jealous. We're not.
Nicki Haylon
Minister of Creative Content
Nicki is a lifelong design and book geek who also loves superhero movies, seeing new places, and snacking (her unofficial title at Libboo is Minister of Snacks). Nicki discovered her love for entrepreneurship as part of Startup Institute Boston's inaugural class, and has used her experiences and education in graphic design, marketing, and creative writing to wear multiple hats at Libboo. She also enjoys making up songs to entertain (annoy?) everyone at Libboo, and has trained the whole team to use her catchphrase: Womp.
Lisa Randall
Author Concierge
Lisa, Libboo's Author Concierge, is a student at Northeastern University, majoring in Journalism and English. She is an avid reader and writer; she loves all things books. Lisa also enjoys editing and currently is a copyeditor for Northeastern's campus newspaper, the Huntington News. At Libboo, Lisa helps bring authors to the site and guide them through it.
Michael Boezi
Minister of Strategy
Michael Boezi is a longtime publishing veteran who has always been at the forefront of the industry by applying the lessons of the traditional to the process of innovation, mixing the ideal with the practical. He has helped hundreds of authors realize their ideas, from concept to completion. He was an early advisor to Libboo, and seen the company grow from its infancy. Now he's here to help unlock its full potential, and re-imagine book marketing from the ground up. A gigantic mission to be sure, but Michael is not satisfied with any less than that!
David Gilligan
Minister of Code
David is a recently graduated physics major, who eschewed the hallowed labs of hard science for the joys of web development. At Libboo, where he is part of the engineering team that creates and evolves Libboo's awesome website, he spends his time wrangling errant divs and navigating labyrinthine queries. In his free time he assumes the role of a writer-philosopher-gamer, which really just means that he is a huge nerd.
Justin Normand
Minister of Community Experience
Justin is a digital marketer out of the Startup Institute and a huge supporter of Boston's startup ecosystem. Passionate about customer experience and brand development, he is always looking to grow his marketing and community management skills. He seeks to increase the use of animated GIFs in digital communication and is super excited about innovative technology and sweet gadgets. In first grade, Justin's teacher wrote on his progress report that he "gobbles up books like candy." True story.