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I’m figuring you already read Guy Kawasaki’s new book What thePlus, Google+ for the Rest of Us, but if you’ve been too busy to grab a copy, check it out here on Libboo.

Also thanks Guy for the mention in your interview in Social Media Examiner. We had a great time seeing you (and hearing you speak) at SXSW!

Here’s a little bit of the interview to get you interested.

Mike: Have you self-published this book?

Guy: I did, working with the folks at Libboo, mostly Halley Suitt Tucker, and an independent consultant named Shawn Welch.

I self-published because I wanted to hit a low price point—”less than a Starbucks grande latte” to be exact—and I wanted total flexibility to do any kind of licensing, sponsoring and whatever-strikes-my-fancy deals.

For example, Samsung is sponsoring 6,000 copies. Can you imagine trying to get that through a traditional publisher? Tim Cook (current Apple CEO) will retire before that will happen.

The link to the full piece is here.


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