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The bad weather has continued for some of us at team Libboo – but at least I’ve found something to take my mind off it for a while: Derek Haines’s blog. Haines is the author of February the FifthDead Men and HAL, among others, and his blog offers some great writing advice that all of us in the Libboo community could benefit from. The blog also features a grammar section for those interested in improving their grammar skills and which Haines calls “essential reading for members of the grammar police.”

One of the entries that I liked the most was “Do You Write For The Money?” This blog entry is particularly relevant for those of you who are considering self-publishing and selling your work. Haines gives some sobering advice on how to make a profit from self-publishing while maintaining realistic expectations. Price, price and marketing, are some of the tips that Haines offers. But, out of these, I liked the suggestion of offering some of your work for free – to get people to know your writing. Not all of us can afford a big marketing campaign, but, getting people to know you and your work is a key first step.

And he is right, at the end of a long day pounding away at the keys, writing is about passion; that burning desire to tell your story. We love to write! Who knows who will become rich and famous, but a little bit of extra spending money goes a long way….

I encourage you guys to go check out his blog- I’m sure you’ll find at least one entry that you’ll enjoy. And then come back to Libboo and get it written!!

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