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Today has been especially wet. I was completely drenched form head-to-toe and I needed a snorkel and fins to get home. And they call it a New England summer shower… Yea..! We have a deluge of activity at Libboo!

This week we are getting interviewed for a radio show. It’s MYOB - Mind Your Own Business. MYOB is a local radio show that focuses on entrepreneurs. So, it a great chance to tell the world about Libboo! I hope to provide a link to the show soon- so stay tuned.

We’ve also been working hard to release a new project with MassChallenge. It will be announced this Thursday, August 4th at 5pm.

I’m looking forward to seeing some recipes that include using blueberries in a fun and creative way. – Iron Chef style! And NO, filling Libboo up with blueberries does not count. We’ll feature a few recipes from our members on our Friday blog.

That’s it for now – from our News From the Cube!

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-Team Libboo


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